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Peace of mind, security, and caring for your family as you always have – that is what estate planning is all about. Whether you have a complex portfolio of assets or a more modest net worth, Harrison & Johnston can craft an estate plan to achieve your goals and handle all matters that may arise both during your lifetime and after you pass away.

At Harrison & Johnston, we appreciate that the subject of estate planning is one that is off-putting for many people. They may see it as akin to going to the dentist – something they know they should do but push indefinitely into the future because it may be uncomfortable and a little scary. After all, contemplating subjects like one’s own death or illness or loved ones grieving over your absence is no one’s idea of a good time.

But estate planning isn’t about death and loss. Instead, it is about life – the one you’ve built and the ones of those you love and provide for. By preparing an estate plan, you are doing what you’ve always done: taking care of your family, your business, and the wealth you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating.

Protecting Families, Bringing Peace of Mind, Providing Sound Guidance

The estate planning lawyers at Harrison & Johnson work with clients of all means and from all walks of life to prepare and implement strategies personally tailored to each client’s circumstances and objectives. We know that no two people, and no two families, are alike. That is why we don’t believe there is a “one-size-fits-all” approach to estate planning, administration, or disputes.

When you meet with one of our attorneys in our Winchester offices, we will put you at ease and take the time to genuinely listen to you. We want to learn about your family, we want to hear your concerns and goals, and we want to answer any questions you have.

We also want to empower you with information, providing you with the explanations and options that allow you to make informed decisions about your personal and financial future. And we endeavor to do so efficiently and cost-effectively, providing you with the meticulous documentation and dedicated representation you need, without “over-lawyering” or unnecessary complexity.

Here For You Today, Here For Your Family Tomorrow

Our services don’t end when the ink dries on your estate planning documents. We will be with you for all of life’s changes that may warrant updates and modifications to your plans. After you pass away, we will be with your family, helping them navigate the estate administration process and minimizing the burdens on them during a difficult time. While we prepare estate plans designed to reduce the possibility of conflict or confusion, we also stand ready to handle any disputes that may arise involving your estate.

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At Harrison & Johnston, we know that nothing is more important to you than your family. With commitment, compassion, and plain-spoken guidance, we can help you give your loved ones – and yourself – the invaluable peace of mind that comes from sound estate planning. To arrange for a consultation to discuss your estate planning, administration, or litigation needs, please contact one of our Shenandoah Valley attorneys today by calling (540) 667-1266.

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