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If you are a wartime veteran or widow of a wartime veteran, you may be entitled to certain benefits from the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). At Harrison & Johnston, we proudly serve those who have served our country, cutting through red tape and other hurdles to get them the benefits and resources they have more than earned.

Securing Earned Veterans Benefits Can Be A Frustrating Battle

It will come as no surprise to any veteran that dealing with the VA can often be a frustrating and confusing experience, and ensuring that you receive the benefits that are available to provide for your needs is no different.

At Harrison & Johnston, we have the experience, knowledge, and commitment to veterans that enable us to be powerful advocates and steadfast allies when it comes to dealing with the VA. We know how to navigate through the agency’s complex rules and bureaucracy, and have a deep understanding of the interrelationship between veterans’ benefits, Medicaid planning, and estate planning. We develop integrated and comprehensive solutions that maximize available benefits while preserving your assets for yourself and your family.

Veteran Affairs provides a wide range of benefits to seniors facing long-term care, including veteran financial assistance for medications and medical services. You may also qualify for an improved Veteran Affairs Pension, if you are an eligible veteran needing the aid and attendance of another person to perform daily activities.

Given the nuances and challenges that often arise when attempting to secure veterans benefits, it is particularly important that you work with an attorney like Harrison & Johnston’s Ari Sommer who is accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs to assist veterans and their families with applications for benefit. Ari leverages his experience and accreditation to make sure that Shenandoah Valley vets and their families receive the benefits that they need and deserve.

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It Would Be Our Privilege To Assist You With Veterans Benefits

We have the utmost respect and gratitude for those who have served and sacrificed for our country. We consider it an honor and privilege to ensure that these heroes have the resources they need to live their lives with dignity and security. If you’re a veteran or the widow or child of a veteran, please give us a call today at (540) 667-1266 to arrange for you’re a consultation.

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