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Harrison & Johnston’s commercial real estate lawyers represent landlords and tenants in commercial leasing matters; drafting, negotiating, and reviewing leases with our clients’ specific needs and objectives always at the fore.

Both parties to a commercial lease want a mutually beneficial and trouble-free tenancy. But landlords and tenants often have divergent interests as well. What may be a favorable lease provision for one party could lead to unfortunate consequences for the other. Failure to thoroughly and thoughtfully consider essential issues at the outset of a leasing relationship, including the detailed provisions of a lease, can be a costly and disruptive error.

At Harrison & Johnston, we work with clients of all sizes on the full spectrum of commercial leasing issues faced by landlords and tenants in the Shenandoah Valley and throughout Northern Virginia. From publicly traded companies with national lease portfolios to local businesses securing their first commercial space, our representation focuses on crafting leasing arrangements and documentation that establish a solid foundation for a positive and profitable landlord-tenant relationship.

We draft comprehensive and meticulous lease agreements tailored to a property’s specific characteristics and our clients’ unique needs. We review proposed leases and related contracts, identifying potentially prejudicial terms and making revisions or additions as needed to minimize risks and maximize a lease’s value to our client. If uncertainties or disputes arise under an existing lease, we look at the document with a critical eye to provide a clear understanding of its terms and sound guidance as to how to best proceed.

We represent commercial landlords and tenants in all aspects of drafting and negotiating commercial leases, including:

  • Short and Long-Term Retail Leases
  • Fixed-Rate and Triple Net Leases
  • Percentage Rent Leases
  • Shopping Center and Common Area Maintenance Provisions
  • Lease Options and Extensions
  • Buildout Agreements
  • Subleases and Assignments
  • Management Agreements
  • Termination Agreements
  • Exclusive Use Provisions and Restrictions

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Harrison & Johnston: Shenandoah Valley Commercial Leasing Attorneys

Whether your lease is for 1,000 square feet or 100,000, the commercial leasing attorneys at Harrison & Johnston can help position you for a successful, profitable, and trouble-free tenancy. Please call us today at (540) 667-1266 to arrange for a consultation.

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